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birds don't sing

Long time no see! These are basically 8 different iterations of the same photo, but I was quite proud of my Easter outfit-- so much so that I just had to share it with the world, even if I'm doing it about a month too late. 

School is out now (thankfully), and I'm feeling even more reflective than usual. Truth be told, this school year has not been my best. Academically, I've flourished, but socially, not so much. I suppose college is a tumultuous time for everyone, but freshman year was particularly unkind to me. 

I've watched my friends from high school find new friends, and job opportunities, and romantic partners at their respective universities, whereas my life felt stagnant, quiet, monotonous, and unchanging. It was hard to hear about the new experiences my friends were having; the pangs of jealousy and the immediate, subsequent wave of guilt got to be too much to handle, and I regrettably fell out of touch with a lot of people. The predictability of my daily routi…