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the life changing magic of saving all of your stuff

My friend and I were discussing The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Marie Kondo and our mutual dislike of it. Although Marie Kondo as a person seems lovely, and I respect her entrepreneurial prowess, I disagree with her philosophy as a whole. My friend and I were able to come up with logical reasons for our dislike, the inherent classism of the concept of minimalism, the way that tidying up, particularly in the Netflix series, seems like a band-aid delicately placed over the bullet-hole wound of much deeper emotional issues.

While these are valid concerns, at least for me, I think what it really comes down to is that Marie Kondo's advice clashes with my lifestyle. Contrary to what the photos of my bedroom look like, I don't mean that I am an incredibly messy hoarder, or that I'm simple close-minded and unwilling to change my ways and throw out that moth-eaten sweater that I haven't worn in years.

What I mean is that I understand the world-- and myself --through pre…

tell me it's not just a sad dream

Many people think that my artistic sensibilities/writing/work are frivolous, which is something that used to annoy me, but now I accept it. Who wants to take themselves so seriously anyway?

I won't pretend to be something I'm not. I've talked a lot on here about how I like pink, and HelloKitty, and dresses, etc. and how none of these things make me dumb, or less of a feminist, or not deserving of respect. 

That said, I could sacrifice my excessively feminine personal style to be seen as more professional (I shouldn't have to anyway, but that's the world we live in, and if I really wanted to be seen as smart and businesslike I would conform to the ideal of what a professional woman should look like). 

But I'm not willing to do that, so clearly being perceived as put-together by others is not a huge priority of mine. Now I think it's funny, the assumptions people make about me. I used to be angered by them, but I think true self-confidence is putting less weight…