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it's a jungle out there

These photos were taken in a little storage cubby I have in my room. The family that lived in the house before my family did had a daughter that loved to paint murals. When she ran out of walls to paint, she painted fantastical scenes inside cubbies and closets. She often painted in secret, as her parents became annoyed with her hobby (it did cost them their walls).

I have been thinking a lot about the things that might have metaphorical value in my life. The artist of this jungle mural (in addition to the mural itself) is certainly one of them. Sometimes it feels like I'm retracing her footsteps. We went to the same schools. One time I checked out a library book and discovered that years earlier she had checked it out too. It feels like her past self is alive on the walls.

Sometimes my life feels like a movie, or a book, and I really wish there were an audience for it. Not because I want the attention, but because I want someone to figure out what things in my life mean. Yes, there…

don't be sorry if you know that i'm lonely

Hello all! Thanksgiving weekend has been super productive for me so far. I have a few projects (video work, interviews, my third book!!) that should be coming out soon and I'm super excited to share them with the world. I wish I could focus on creative projects but with finals coming up, most of my time is devoted to studying.

Luckily, my studies haven't been too boring. My favorite class this year is philosophy. It's just an introductory course, but we haven't read too many canonical works. Although I can definitely see the need for reading well-known works to build a good foundation, because I'd already read The Republic, Either/Or, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, etc, I welcomed the chance to read more obscure texts. 

This week we read Life's Too Short to Pretend You're Not Religious by David Dark. In the past I've been very critical of religion and spirituality, and while I remain very skeptical of organized religion, through works like this, I've been ab…

a new place for interviews...

Hello all,

Over the past few years I have mainly been using this blog as an almost online magazine. I've been able to conduct interviews with creatives who I admire immensely, and it's been great having the opportunity to talk to such talented people. It's crazy how much the blog has grown over the past year, and I'm so thankful for all the friends and connections I've made through this little space.

But I've really missed having a personal blog, and although I occasionally post other things, it began to feel really chaotic with all the interviews mixed in with fashion/lifestyle posts. So I decided to launch another blog, Hype Zine, for my interviews. I plan to do everything exactly the same as before, just in a different area so this blog looks a bit cleaner. Hype is all about celebrating the people that I find inspirational and just giving myself the all-too-rare opportunity to talk positively about people I fully support. You can read more about the mission st…