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An Interview with Dweeb City

Earth, prepare to be rocked by the cyberpop tunes of the neon-clad, glitter-drenched girl band Dweeb City. If their melodies sound otherworldly, it's because they traveled all the way from their home planet, Dweebtopia, to the human world, armed only with the dream of winning Eurovision. The group is comrpised of Suman, Taxman, Steelman, and Scabman-- all of whom bring their own unique alien superpower to the table. 
What started as a spur-of-the-moment decision to enter a uni band competition has now snowballed into elaborate gigs complete with costume changes, visually stunning music videos, and--most importantly-- their debut album, Dweeb City. A delightful mix of the wildly personal ("Spent A Year in Bed Watching Degrassi Jr. High"), hilariously fangirlish ("Nico the Unicorn We Miss You"), and universally poignant ("Duckie"), it proves that these extra terrestrials have an uncanny ability to understand what it is to be human. Perhaps that's bec…

An Interview with Chris Uphues

The world needs the vibrant heart(s) of Chris Uphues. The artist and designer (he co-founded the shop Beautiful Days with his wife, Jen Koehl) is not only a huge personal inspiration of mine but has become a cultural phenomenon over the past couple of years. Best known for his bright-eyed cartoon hearts, Uphues draws from an eclectic range of inspirations to create his iconography. He simply and beautifully distills his "spread love" philosophy into imagery that's attainable rather than elitist, welcoming rather than exclusive. This is especially true of his street art, which is not only accessible in terms of medium, but also possesses an almost aggressive luminosity, so energetic it's infectious, impossible to ignore. Inspired by Keith Haring, he is well on his way to entering the pop art cannon himself. And for good reason. In the current tumultuous political and cultural landscape, we need the vigorous cheerfulness of his work.

What work are you most proud of?

I do…

An Interview with Suka Mo

Suka Mo's pencil drawings have an endearing simplicity to them (which also makes them easily translatable to the coterie of other memorabilia she makes, from pins to plush animals) that at once both supports and disguises the message of poignant optimism behind them.

At first glance, her childlike characters look like they could be coloring book drawings, with their uncomplicated expressions and their three-stroke figures. But upon closer inspection, Mo's drawings are more than just cute motifs. They depict the intimacies of friendship, embrace femininity, and promote body positivity with a subtlety that's rare amongst similar cartoonists. She conveys a multitude of commentary with just a few pencil lines. She was as succinct with her words in this interview.

What work are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my drawings. I gradually draw pictures. Besides drawing pictures, I also deeply appreciate crafting.

Who are your artistic inspirations?

I like Leiko Ikemura. I don't…

Obligatory New York Travel Post

Hey all!
It's been awhile. I have some exciting posts coming up, but first I wanted to explain what I've been up to for the past couple weeks. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I went to New York for two weeks through The School of the New York Times Summer Academy, which is a summer program for teens/young adults interested in journalism and related fields. I took an intensive class that specialized in cultural & creative writing. I did the program last year, but I was taking a class that was more centered around visual art, so it was really cool to be able to hone my writing skills and focus on a topic that I was actually serious about. It was also interesting to see how the program changed. It's only been around for 3 years now, so the changes year to year were pretty drastic. Though the program definitely has its flaws, and now as a high school graduate I feel as though I've outgrown it, it is a great opportunity for young people interested in journal…