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An Interview With Randi Nichole Joan

Randi Nichole Joan refuses to let her style be defined, and in an age of stereotyping and classification, that's something worth admiring. If you look through her blog or Insta, you'll find a cascade of pastel hues, but also tartans, plaids, and darker colors. You could swear that it isn't the same person in all of those gorgeous outfit posts. It's this contrast, this duality that is the only characteristic that could possibly define her. Her style at first glance appears a testament to femininity, but she confesses in an Instagram story that she's never felt entirely female. She doesn't limit herself to a certain creative discipline either, she's a musician as well as a fashionista. She likes living in New York because it reflects the contradiction in her character, containing bustling city and tranquil nature in the span of a few miles. Naturally, I wanted to interview her to learn more about her enigmatic personality, and although her answers offered ins…

An Interview with Camila (@etherealartiste)

You may better know Camila by her instagram handle @etherealartiste. It's easy to see why she's amassed so many followers. Camila's art really takes me back, and not in a cheesy, saccharin sort of way. It doesn't remind me of any rose-tinted, nostalgic era of human history. It doesn't even make me nostalgic for a certain period in my own life, at least in the traditional sense. There's no imagery that hearkens back to playground antics. No, Camila's art takes me back on a different, much deeper level. It reminds me of the days when I could explore the realms of my imagination without distinguishing it from the real world. Her paintings of fantastical women, angelic faeries, and magical beings reminds me of a time when I thought that these creatures could exist in this world. The inspiration she takes from the natural world is apparent, and it makes her extraordinary characters seem rooted in authenticity. Not only that, but Camila brings a fresh and futuris…

"The stories, the myths, the misunderstandings are all part of life"

When I was in 8th grade my father gave me The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman for Christmas. Fashioned to look like a sort of encyclopedia, the fact that it was used (it was his) made it all the more intriguing. As soon as I flipped open the doodled cover, I knew that this book was different. Reading it at the tender and challenging age of thirteen, I thought it was one of the most intimately constructed memoirs I had ever read. I still hold that perspective, but I discovered its value has only deepened since that day.

The Principles of Uncertainty is like reading through someone's thoughts. The writing and the illustrations are used to their full potential as mediums, in that they pull the reader further into the psyche of the creator rather than increasing the distance between audience and work. Its an incredible achievement in terms of storytelling as well as art. When presented with Maira's distinct voice, readers regain a childlike, almost Proustian sense of whim…