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my visit to the tate modern // a brief interview with Frances Morris, director of the tate modern

Hello Everyone!

Recently, I had the pleasure of going to London-- such a beautiful city and so rich in culture. One of the main reasons for my trip was to visit the Tate Modern, a museum I've been wanting to go to for what feels like ages. It's definitely a must-see for anyone interested in modern art.

I've been to quite a few modern art museums, and the Tate Modern definitely stands out among them. Firstly, they have an incredible amount of space. I appreciated how many of the exhibitions were participatory and they seemed to make an effort to get visitors involved, as well as educating them on the art and the artists. But what makes the Tate Modern particularly unique is that it's not afraid of controversy; in particular, it is not afraid of critiquing the art world or of exposing uncomfortable topics. It may seem like that is commonplace in any modern art museum, but too often this component of modern art is ignored or approached in an improper manner. Most modern art…

My Year in Review // AdAge Creativity 50

Hello Friends!

2017 was a wild year. I am proud of the people I met this year, the things I created, all the work I took inspiration from, and the places I went.

I started off 2017 in Paris, which was as amazing as you would expect. Macarons and luxurious hotels set the tone for a year of escapism. Highlights included feeding pigeons and finally visiting the beautiful Musee D'orsay.

I had the opportunity to visit Seattle for a journalism convention, which was not quite as glamorous but still a great experience. I spent my time wandering around Pike Market, wondering about the stories of passersby.

Spring 2017 was a productive time. In May, I finally executed a long time idea of ad placement in the senior portrait section. I worked with companies/ad agencies like Wieden+Kennedy (KFC) and the Martin Agency (Geico) to get school portrait images of the Geico Gecko and Colonel Sanders in the portrait section along with the rest of the class of 2017. Additionally, I got the rights to some c…