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An Interview with Kristina Rodulfo, Associate Editor of is one of the most prominent fashion magazine websites out there, and I had the pleasure of speaking with the associate editor, Kristina Rodulfo. She explained the challenges and benefits of her job, as well as the work she is most proud of. 

1. What's the best part about your job? 

I work with an incredibly collaborative, creative team who I learn from everyday. I’m constantly in awe with the way they are always three steps ahead of the rest of the internet and have had the best training thanks to them. I also love that I get to cover a variety of topics from social issues to celebrity  news to beauty and fashion trends, as well as explore different kinds of writing from employing humor in quippy, short blog posts to flexing my longform skills in a profile.
2. What's the hardest part about your job?
Because it is a digital publication, we work long hours at an incredibly fast pace, and are always “on.” If some news breaks over the weekend or late at night when you might …