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An Interview with the Staff of the Onion

It's nearly impossible to discuss satire in this day and age without making mention of the Onion. Pioneering the trend of satirical online publications, the Onion has been churning out quality content for 28 years. No one seems to strike the balance between funny and meaningful quite as well as the Oniom media empire has. Growing up with the site, the Onion inspired me to take journalism classes, and now as editor-in-chief of my school newsmagazine I was even more interested in hearing about their process and experience. I reached out to them for an interview, and they graciously answered my questions. 
1) What's the most difficult part of writing satire? Originality. In a world where there are so many observations being made and then published by so many people, it can be tough to find an angle or approach on a topic that hasn't already been covered. We never want to be derivative so there’s a lot of pressure to find fresh perspectives on everything.
2) Do you ever worry abo…