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For the past few days I seem to have been handcuffed to the house waiting.  Waiting for tradies to ring, turn up  and give us quotes on replacing our guttering.  Waiting for a courier to turn up with parts for our ride on mower.  I could allow myself to become frustrated and cranky by the lack of 'turning up' but instead I've used the time to take steps to catch up, to make plans and to get ahead in some areas. 

Herbs have been planted to fill out spots in sparsely planted pots on the back patio.  The area under the tree has been raked and tidied.  I've manually skimmed the pool as we woke this morning to find it covered in the creamy white blossom from the palm overhead.  It looks like it exploded in the night...  Bags of bits and bobs that have been hanging around to take to the op shop have finally been taken out to the car and I will take them to the charity bins when I next go out.  I'm ahead with the ironing!  I've read the draft copy of a friend's book, just need to add comments and edit.

I've done heaps more crochet so the boys blankets are progressing.  I reward myself by watching Escape to the Country or Escape to the Continent to keep myself on the job! :)

This morning I did some baking.  A plain vanilla cake that I've yet to ice. It's still cooling, and a batch of cheese scones.  These scones are so quick and easy to make and can be eaten as a stand alone snack or with soup which is how we tend to eat them.  They freeze and reheat well and taste just as good cold. 
Last night while our roast was in the oven I busied myself in the kitchen and made rice and vegetables for the dogs.  Yet another fruit salad as the first bowl vanished.  I cut up some veggies for snacks.  Then I cut up a heap of mixed fruit that had spots, was cheap or needed using fast.  Pear, plums, apples and cut up a bunch of rhubarb and added to it.  I think I had half a kilo in all.  I added a slurp of vanilla, a dash of water and stewed it.  When finished I froze one container then had to try some with ice-cream for dessert - yum.  I really cooked it to have with my yoghurt and nuts for breakfast. 
I so enjoy busy days where you actually can see the results of your productivity.  It feels good. Of course I've done heaps of other things but I'm not about to do a blog post on cleaning the bathroom!

I really want to clean the windows as they are filthy, but I'm dragging the chain there. Every time I clean them we have multiple birds flying into them and committing suicide or being injured.  It just upsets me so much.  Poor things.  I really don't know what to do about it.  It's not that I dislike doing the window.  The actual cleaning of windows doesn't bother me at all but I feel sick to my bones each time we have a big thud on the window.  Maybe I just need to suck it up and hope that this time will be different.


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