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Enjoying time in the Garden

I took some time to just sit in the garden beneath our beautiful tree as the day drew to a close yesterday.  I lit my fire and just sat and enjoyed the evening, the sounds, the smell of the fire burning and the smell of something heavy and sweet and unidentified that was entered my senses on occassion.

The mosquitoes eventually invaded and forced my hasty retreat back indoors.  It was lovely while it lasted though.  I do love my fire pit.

Today is Sunday and I usually do a few things to prepare me for my coming week to make things flow more easily.  This is all I managed to do today.
I boiled some eggs to be added to salads or grabbed as a snack during the day.  I made a fruit salad to have for breakfast with greek yoghurt and my seed and nut mix sprinkled over, or eaten for dessert or a snack.  A greek salad, yes there is cucumber in there it is just not mixed very well! Oh, but I have forgotten the olives. What a ditz.

I make these to make my days easier, particularly if I'm not feeling great or am busy.  I can just grab something and eat it without having to go through meal prep really.  For lunch I often throw a mixed assortment of leafy greens into a bowl, spoon over some greek salad, then add an egg or tuna or leftover meat to the dish.  Other times I simply add avocado.  I usually make one more salad, typically based around leafy greens but I ran out of energy.  I can always do this tomorrow.  On days when I'm tired I often simply put the salads on the table for dinner and quickly cook a protein of some type and dinner is done.  Easy and healthy.   I also intended to stew some fruit to have warm with my yoghurt and nut mix for breakfast.  Warm fruit can be a welcome treat now the mornings are cooling down.  That is now on my list for tomorrow.  I'll make enough to freeze some in portion sizes I think.

Another job I usually do today is to make sure I am caught up on the ironing for the coming week.  I'm afraid it has rather piled up this week as unusually I've been out a lot.  Jeff did some earlier, but the rest is on my list for tomorrw.  Now I'm letting it sit up and watch TV with me.  Kind aren't I!
That's quite a pile in that poor basket.....  Something to look forward to for tomorrow! Ha!


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