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Taking Care of Yourself

Taking care of ourselves can take so many forms.  It can be as simple as taking a nap.  It can involve the more complex areas of eating well, saying 'no', making sometimes difficult choices about what to do with our energy and time, managing medication and health care. It can involve developing habits or practices that support your well being.  Sometimes it just means doing 'stuff' to make you feel better.

These are the things I've been doing of late to take care of myself.....

Going to yoga at the sweet old town hall in Glass House.  So many childhood memories of this hall. Cent Sales. Big anniversary or birthday parties.  Dances. School concerts... The yoga was more demanding than my home practice so I spent much of the time in corpse pose imagining I was doing what everyone else was doing.  That counts right?!!!  :)

Going to meditation group.  Last night was Angel's class in Maleny.  Tomorrow is Aannsha's group class in the CWA Hall in Beerwah.  So very grateful to have these two ladies in my life.  Meditation has overall, helped me more than medical treatment I've had for anxiety and pain management. Who would have thought?  I will NEVER stop meditating.  Oh, and don't you love the singing bowl?  They are really quite extraordinary.  If you've not heard one you can check them out on youtube.
This crochet task comes under 'expressing creativity' and 'just getting stuff done'.  My nephews J and R asked me to make them blankets (last year).  They got online and found pictures of what they wanted and presented me with the ....uninspiring task of making a pacman and a minecraft something or other.  Well, I have done bits and pieces here and there. Stalled. Procrastinated. Avoided it. Tried to forget it.  Complained to myself that I don't like the ghastly yarn I was able to source locally in the colours needed. Muttered to myself that I had really wanted to make them a gorgeous ripple blanket each..... you get the picture.  So I've sucked it up and am just doing it without the struggle.  I am making progress and it is lifting a weight off my shoulders.  The air is cooling and I hope to have these finished for the boys before the end of their Easter holidays and in time for winter.  I fill the stitches with love and fond memories and hope for their future instead of struggle and complaint.  I hope they are happy with their choices and my efforts.
 Another thing that has been weighing on me heavily.  While my brother lived in the granny flat end of the house I left this area to him to care for.  He's been gone now some months and I finally, finally, just got in and did it.  I didn't get fixated on doing it perfectly.  I'm very sore today so that would not be an act of self care.  I simply wiped over the airconditioner units.  Decluttered and raked, pulled some weeds, then hosed the concrete.  A thorough cleaning of the airconditioner vents, the poles, using the pressure cleaner on the concrete and cleaning the outside bathroom (just past the airconditioner units) can happen another day.  So, as an act of self care I took action to remedy a situation that was draining on me and I did so in a way that fit the needs and capabilities of my body. 
As always my supervising companions were underfoot.  Once it is all properly cleaned I'll look at placing a comfy chair here or something.  It's a beautiful spot to sit.


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