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A Random Ramble

The roast chicken in milk turned out beautifully.  Very moist and a lovely flavour.  Probably not as tasty to me as my easy roast chicken (stick a pierced lemon, a handful of thyme and garlic cloves in cavity and bung in oven in roasting pan).  Flavours were similar.  The picture below shows the chicken just after I had browned it and poured the milk and flavourings in. 

Over the weekend I took the time to try another kitchen experiment.  I baked a savoury strata for breakfast.  Jeff loves this type of thing and I must admit I enjoyed it too.  We had some day old vienna loaf so I cut it into chunks, soaked it overnight in a mix of eggs, milk, salt and pepper.  Just before cooking I stirred some bacon, cheese and parsley into the mix and them popped it into a springform tin.  I had some for breakfast and then lunch the next day with a salad.  It was a great light lunch option.
Some time ago I made some visits to a community garden near Kawana Lake.  It is fantastic and has so many ideas that I'd love to implement if I only had the physical capacity to do so.  I brought home some gooseberries and ate most of them.  A few had spots so I tossed them into an empty pot along with some wrinkled cherry tomatoes and now I have seedlings galore.  I've planted some out in the garden and think I will have to plant a heap more as there are just so many and I do love gooseberries.  Three tomato plants have come up and I'll keep them in the pot.  Looking forward to eating those too.
At Christmas I looked like this.....
My hair was really long at the back and curly and thick.  It became a burden - I'm just too tired and sore to be washing all that hair and lugging it around with me.  So I had about 6 inches cut off and now I look like this....
No, I wasn't driving!  Much easier.  I don't need a sleep after a shower and hair wash anymore...

In keeping with the theme of randomness, I am just having a pottery type day today.  I've done my morning routine (Flylady), paid my bills, made some calls and now I'm going to potter.  I have a vague list of things to attend to. Some crochet (a LONG procrastinated about project), cleaning the pantry, doing some ironing, spending time in the garden, a visit to the fruit shop for some supplies .... I'll just spend a bit of time doing each thing as it suits me.  Some days I would use a timer as per flylady but I will just do each thing as my energy permits and maybe listen to some podcasts and use them as my timing for each project.

Meditation group tonight which I am looking forward to. I carpool with a friend I've had since kindy (so we've known each other for at least 44 years) and another friend meets us there.  Even though we don't have a lot of catch up time it's still nice to touch base with them regularly.  See you tonight Annoeska! 


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