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15 Minutes in the Garden

Inspired by a gloriously cool afternoon and my progress earlier this week I headed outside to be productive earlier.  I only did 15 minutes but that was enough today.  I'll show some before and after pictures then show you the whole garden.

Before photos of the area I worked on.

Couldn't have a work photo without my helper...
After 15 minutes..

I've mainly cleaned up the overflow onto the pavers and pulled some really big weeds from the bed. Then I hit the pavers with the hose.  I left the walkway until Jeff is here to help me (he's out cycling at present).   There are some really heavy rocks to be moved and the wheelbarrow is loaded and too heavy for me also.  If all else fails I'll unload it one small bucket at a time.

Now, let's talk about this garden. The garden once contained two large palm trees that grew up through the shade cloth roof and held an assortment of shade plants.  The palms had to be cut down in order to replace the decking and shade cloth.  This changed the look of the garden quite a bit.  So too have the weeds, the neglect and the huge hole digging party had one day by Jess, Sophie and their visiting friends. Yes I'm talking about YOU Bentley, Molly and Milly.  Naughty dogs.  You look onto the garden from both ends of the back deck, the kitchen window, the playroom/gallery window, the studio windows and doors. So it is really very visible from much of the house.  I'd really like to revive it but at present am a bit lost for ideas.  
 The rocks are from another bed that was pulled out and thrown in one of Sophie's holes. They are now a snake and cane toad pit and need to be removed.
 From outside the studio (Granny Flat end) looking back towards the verandah/deck of the main house.  We use this to barbeque, eat out here etc.
 I can never remember the name of this vine like plant.  It gets pretty little red flowers but it is incredibly robust and invasive popping up everywhere throughout the garden.  I think a serious physical attack and then some round up might be the only way to become free of it.  There are lovely hydrangeas beneath it.
 The agapanthus line the outer edge of it and that tall stuff towards the right is all weeds thanks to the generous birds who visit dropping seeds. :)

I think I'll start by cleaning it up.  Remove the weeds.  Take out the remaining big palm stump. Remove plants that the previous owner planted that are invasive and really just annoying.  Then see what I am left with and make a plan from there.  I think I'll keep the hydrangeas and the agapanthus, peace lilies, begonias and ferns.  I'm considering adding gardenias and more crotons for colour and height.  What do you think?  Any ideas regarding plants to choose or things to think about?

Maybe a night trawling Pinterest might be time well spent!

Happy Easter everyone.


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