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Big Eyes Movie Review

Hullo folks!
So I went to see Big Eyes  the other day and wrote this little essay/review in case your interested in hearing a 14 year-old's opinion before you go see it yourself!

My parents took me to San Francisco a few years back-- a spur of the moment type trip. We had nothing planned, which offered an occasion of no deadlines, where one could feel free to literally go where the day led. From the backseat of our Acura, I spotted a modest sign (an awning type thing) wedged between other buildings in typical San Franciscan manner. It read "Big Eyes Gallery". At the time, I was at the height of my anime/manga phase; evidently, anything resembling such would suddenly become a must-see. It was one of those rare moments of wanderlust; I just knew. somehow, whatever was inside there would be magical.

I don't remember the gallery being especially big; the building itself was not particularly remarkable. But what was inside was haunting and otherworldly, like something out of…

Bonne Chance Collections Fashion Film

Hello there! I just wanted to show you the little fashion film I did for Bonne Chance:

Have a great day!