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High School

I started high school, and after finishing my first semester I think it's time I collected my thoughts on the subject.

Here is a brief description of a homecoming rally:

A gym overflowing, students teeming out of the doll sized bleachers, the overspill, mostly freshman, sitting on the ground of the basketball court. Crudely affixed tape the only barrier between absolute chaos. Handmade signs, so sapping with glitter they sagged out onto kids' heads, reading "Salty Sophmores" and other ill thought out insults. Sweat rising to misty smoke atop the industrial lights. Kids with school color smeared faces read a skit, unintelligible between screaming and the sound system cutting out. A small ring of students gather in the middle of the floor to perform. One of the students rips his shorts and shirt off to reveal pink booty shorts with "Seniors" printed on them, indistinguishable writing on his back. Shouting, shouting yelling shouting yelling. The football players…