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Bye Bye 2013

So 2013 is over now. All and all, a pretty good year. This also means my blog is officially a year old! I'm going to be changing layouts/deleting posts, house cleaning.

   These year end videos always make the year seem more monumental then it was. Sure, some milestones happened, but what year have milestones not happened? People always over romanticize the past, it's funny how quick the past becomes nostalgia. We like to believe that world changing things happen everyday, and maybe they do, but it is unfair to group an entire era, if you will, into that "summer haze" where everything becomes a golden age, or more extremely, to label an era world changing. I guess what I'm trying to say is it is the events that are world changing not the time surrounding them.

   Lately I've been writing/thinking about the idea of having a golden age, but I always imagined it in the future. Like, we're always imagining this utopia that's just around the corner, waiti…